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We are a fabulous thrift shop in the heart of the Benson neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska. We are 100% volunteer-run, and our profits benefit Youth Emergency Services and their work with local homeless and at-risk teens. Learn more about Youth Emergency Services and their mission at http://yesomaha.org


Tip Top Thrift Shop was created by Grace Howell Simonds in 1955 to help a local church secure a new building. When that project was successfully completed, Tip Top shifted its focus to supporting local youth. In March 1961, Tip Top began donating their proceeds to the Uta Halee Home. Tip Top started with just $60 in their register that March – by December they had a balance of $2,035 and had already donated over $8,000 to Uta Halee.  
Tip Top first occupied a storefront at 24th and Howard, but relocated to a better location at 701 South 24th Street in 1964. The thrift shop was incorporated on March 31st, 1975 by Lillian Armstrong and Alberta Holdrege. Around this time, Tip Top’s annual contributions to Uta Halee increased to over $20,000. In 1990, Tip Top closed temporarily due to a decrease in sales. In these first 30 years, Tip Top donated over $500,000 to Uta Halee. 
In late 1990, Don and Bess Ruby resurrected the shop at 5910 Maple Street in Benson, where it remains to this day. Tip Top continued donating to Uta Halee until the organization closed its doors in 2011. Annual donations averaged $50,000 from 1990 to 2011.
After the closing of Uta Halee, Tip Top selected Youth Emergency Services as their supporting charity in order to continue their mission of supporting youth in the Omaha community. Tip Top has been a close partner of the organization ever since. The volunteer-run store is governed by a Board of Directors and is a cherished and established member of the Benson community.


2 years ago
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Just in a gorgeous raw silk country french design adorable footstool! Come see us and take a look! Open today and tomorrow 10-4!

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Let us ‘light’ your way! Come in-we’re open 10-4 Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

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Full set of corelle dishes $30 in the shop now!

3 years ago

Great specials today! Come see us open until 4PM

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Our Pop Up Shop continues, come shop a specially curated selection of spring fashion!

Open Thursday - Saturday 10-4

3 years ago

Today is Saturday, yeah for the weekend! Everything in our POP UP is half price! Does not include other store merchandise.

You must wear a mask today enter and shop.

All proceeds benefit Youth ... See more

3 years ago

Our Spring Pop Up continues! We are open today Friday until 6pm. You don't want to miss this!

All proceeds support Youth Emergency Services

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Tip Top Thrift Shop

Great place for your needs

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Today's special!

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